Meeting Number One with the Wedding Planner!

Tonight we had our first official meeting with our wedding planner! Her name is Lucy and she is 100% adorable and 110% awesome. Today she helped us envision what our wedding day timeline will be like and what we need to research next before our next meeting (February 17). She also made me realize I have no idea how much needs to go into a wedding day! After talking to her tonight I am SO excited for our day; pretty sure it will be the most amazing ever.

We are now just under 7 months away from the big day! Ah! It’s feeling very real, very exciting and very stressful. Basically we are consistently busy until after the wedding. Excuse me while I go stress over tiny details, siiiigh.

Kacey Jane Photography

Kacey Jane Photography

The hunt for a photographer is over!

We spent a lot of time perusing all of the photographers available in the Greater Vancouver Area. Honestly, I was starting to feel like we may never find someone to my standards. I’ve always had an passion for photography and, I feel, a good eye… So, I’m not going to lie, I was picky. So many photographers had good portfolios, just not “have hanging on my walls for the rest of my life” good.

During one of our “set aside an hour and search for a photographer” sessions Matt showed me the Kacey Jane Photography website.

In budget – Check
Photojournalistic – Check
Two photographers – Check

I immediately told Matt to email and set up a meeting. In person Carol (One half of Kacey Jane, and soon to be sole owner) was absolutely lovely. Her and myself clicked on so many levels; we have the same style, likes and we both HATE the Derby Reach barn that everyone seems to get their photos taken in front of.

So, we signed the contract, put down our deposit and we have a photographer booked! I cannot wait to get our engagement photos done and am incredibly excited for the wedding photos!

304 days to go!

One Year to Go!

As of last Friday it is less than one year until our wedding!

It’s starting to feel immensely more real to both of us. Up until now our planning has been very casual; every once in a while look something up, maybe get a good lead… Now we have to PLAN.

And with that planning I need to actually write blog posts… Ideally I will be writing every Monday, I say ideally because I am the worst at following through. I’m hoping that by writing it down I do stay accountable! So, here’s me making a promise to you that if you return to this page every Monday (well, I can’t promise what time it’ll be done on Mondays) there will be a new blog post, yay!

I’m going to try and have each week feature a specific thing we have done for planning to keep things organized. However, I am open to do anything that people want to see, so let me know!

Be My Maid?

After I had gotten engaged I immediately knew which girls I needed to tell first; it didn’t take long for me to know that was a pretty good sign they should be in my bridal party. I asked them all unofficially (and informally) so that they knew they would in fact be in the wedding party; then I got to work on the crafty portion.

Some research on Pintrest and the most recurring theme I saw was creating Bridesmaid gift packs. I thought that was a pretty neat idea because it gives the girls a chance to feel out what the wedding will be like before saying yes. So, I went to Micheal’s and picked up some unfinished wood cigar boxes; there were only five left on the shelf, exactly how many I needed! Fate? I think so.


This project is not for the faint of heart; it took a lot of patience to make these. All in all I think it was worth it; I’m really happy with how they turned out.

I had this plan for giving them out to the girls; I had planned a sushi date for all of us and I was going to give them to everyone and thank them for deciding to be part of our day. They had other plans. Somehow Sydney and Emma managed to get Matt to drive me to the sushi restaurant; we walked in and the night had been turned on us, it was a surprise engagement party with all our friends!

Both of us were taken aback to see so many friends there to celebrate with us and couldn’t believe that neither of us had thought something was up! I ended up giving the boxes to each girl privately and they were well received. For those wondering, the bridal party is:

Maid of Honor – Sydney Lamirand
Bridesmaid – Emma Colbeck
Bridesmaid – Alexandrea Rohl
Bridesmaid – Amanda Calliou
Bridesmaid – Carly Shephard


A Brief Introduction

Well, here I am. The post-engagement glow has begun to fade and I have realized one crucial thing: I have no idea what goes into planning a wedding.

Anytime you tell someone you’re engaged you get a very predictable series of questions:

1) Let me see the ring?!

2) When is the big day?!
August 9th 2014

3) Where is it?!
Fort Langley Community Hall (a heritage site, built in 1931)

4) A billion other questions about theme, colours, traditions.
I. Have. No. Idea. I thought I was doing pretty good by booking the hall at this point but apparently I should know all these little details that I didn’t know I should be very passionate about.

I’m working on it. Sometimes I picture myself freaking out because the chair covers are an more pale aqua rather than a dusty aqua. I just can’t see it. I want to wear a pretty dress, celebrate with all my friends and family, and most importantly; marry my best friend.¬†

So, this blog is pretty much designed to give me a place to vent as I try to do some ridiculously tedious DIY project on a large scale. Wish me luck!

- Brittany